Friday, 27 January 2017

Be brave. Timber cottage before and after.

I recently completed the update of a beautiful timber cottage in my local area. This wasn’t a grand renovation, but more a project of modernising the colour scheme to work with the existing architecture. 

The exterior colour scheme was something that really worried my client. He had an immense dislike for his roof colour, which with the old creamy coloured walls became the dominant feature. He also didn’t want the facade to look ‘twee’ or too pretty. We had to enhance what was there, be sympathetic to the existing architecture but also make this home stand proud on the street.

Being a little bit brave with the wall colour has seen a total transformation of this timber cottage. No more cream and green! It is always nerve wracking when I first see the colour start to go on the walls, and a huge relief when it turns out the way I had pictured it would. And guess what, the roof colour is now a virtue.

To see more of this lovely little home, click here.


  1. The outside shading plan was something that truly stressed my customer. He had a gigantic aversion for his rooftop shading, which with the old smooth hued dividers turned into the predominant component. He additionally didn't need the exterior to look "twee" or too lovely. We needed to upgrade what was there, be thoughtful to the current design additionally make this home stand pleased in the city.