Thursday, 10 December 2015

Creativity with artisans in India - Olie homewares

Oh wow, what a year. The last few months have been crazy with study and work and family, hence I’ve really dropped the ball on featuring so many wonderful creatives on my blog. With the year heading to a close I’m finally able to take a look at some of the ideas people have sent me.

One lovely artist who got in touch was Amrita Nambiar. (Amrita, apologies for taking to long!). She has a beautiful new business called Olie, based in Pondicherry in India.

Pondicherry is a little town in the south of India with cobbled streets and yellow French buildings. The idea behind Amrita’s designs has been to communicate the joy and simplicity of small town life.

The collection is a range of hand-twisted and hand printed fabrics used to create beautiful cushions, table linen and unique lighting. The designs are so beautiful and whimsical, I just love them.

All images from Olie on Instagram
Many of the items are made to order and they ship globally. Click here to see more.

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