Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Unique Moroccan homewares from Souk & Co

I’m really excited about today’s post. Not just because I’ve got a new source for beautiful, unique and handcrafted homewares, but also because a lovely friend of mine has taken the brave leap to turn her passion into a business.

I met Sally Cahalan through my studies at ISCD. Sally is one of those people whose enthusiasm is infectious, and her tales of travelling and exploring Morocco has made me want to go there. She is creative and extremely talented, winning the major prize for surface design at ISCD last year and now working on a textile collaboration with Emily Ziz. All of this creativity and many visits to Morocco has led her to start a new business, aptly named Souk & Co.

Souk and Co is a beautiful new online homewares store selling one of a kind, handcrafted items from Morocco. Each product is acquired as close to the original source as is practical, in the majority of cases from the original artisan. It’s important to Sally to respect fair trade agreements when sourcing her wares, and in the future she will be working with Moroccan artists to produce her own designs as well (fabrics, tiles, ceramics…. I can’t wait to see them!).

Online now there is a stunning selection of one of a kind Moroccan wedding blankets, berber baskets, rugs, and more. If you are looking for something specific, Souk & Co also offers a custom sourcing service as well.

As for the dream of visiting Morocco one day, Souk & Co will be working in conjunction with bespoke travel business Solve Travel to take small groups and individual travellers to explore this amazing country (and the shopping along the way!).

Visit the Souk & Co website for more details.


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