Monday, 31 August 2015

What I’ve been up to - study at ISCD, work and more.

Those of you who have followed Gallop Lifestyle from the beginning would know the business has changed a few times along the way. It may have been a bit confusing, but there has been a method to my madness…

Originally launched as an online homewares store, I made the decision to close a few weeks before my third baby was born. Running a retail business and looking after three small children was becoming difficult, and I could see I wasn’t able to do either well unless one took a back seat.

So of course the store had to go. I kept Gallop Lifestyle going on social media and as a blog with the idea that one day I would work in some capacity again. In the back of my mind (since school really) I have always wanted to be a designer, so my hope was that Gallop would in some way morph into a design business.

Last year a friend convinced me to take a step in that direction and I signed up to study a Certificate IV in Design at the International School of Colour & Design (ISCD). Really, I haven’t looked back.

Cert IV acts as a foundation course, with a huge emphasis on the elements and principles of design. We spent the first 6 months mainly focused on colour. Not just looking at pretty pictures, but I mean learning how colour is physically created and how colours relate to each other. 

I won’t kid you, it was hard and at times I was frustrated (I’m not really a DIY person, so some tasks I found a challenge). But we learned a lot. My class was a wonderful bunch of like minded people, from all ages and backgrounds. We had a blast, and it was great to see all those very talented ladies support each other and develop their skills over the year.

Those classmates who thrived on assignments such as cushion and rug design have gone on this year to study Surface Design. For me, Cert IV reinforced what I have always known - Interior Decoration and Design is the career for me.

2015 is my year of saying ‘yes’ to opportunities. I’m enrolled in my first year of Interior Decoration and Design at ISCD, and I’ve teamed up with a talented and experienced colour specialist to create our interior design business ‘Colour Interior Exterior’. Design and styling projects keep coming my way, as well as a few marketing jobs I have on the go.

Its all very exciting and hectic! (Which is why the blog posts have been a bit few and far between). I’ll keep sharing my design journey along the way via Facebook and Instagram so I’d love you to continue to follow along. Oh, and I will keep posting great design finds on the blog when I can too.

If a new career in design interests you, come along to the next ISCD open day - 19 September in Sydney and 26 September in Melbourne. Click here for details.

Annie x


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  6. Just started reading your blog and it's so lovely to stumble across someone who is also studying at ISCD! I only just started there but it's very cool to see someone successfully working in the industry as an interior decorator who happens to be doing the same course as myself.
    Look forward to seeing more lovely work from you pop up on my facebook feed! :)

    1. Great! Thanks for the comment Danielle. Good luck with the course, I hope you enjoy. Thanks for following me on Facebook :)

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