Monday, 22 June 2015

Fun typography prints from Haus of Prose

Typography prints aren’t normally my thing. There are quite a few out there, and to be honest I find some of them a bit over done. However, I’ve recently discovered Haus of Prose, a UK based Etsy shop doing typography prints that really caught my eye.

There is something about their aesthetic that I really like. And the fact that some of their designs made me laugh, out loud. Anyone who was a teenager in the 90s would relate to the “I carried a Watermelon” quote.

They do printable downloads from $8.50 each, as well as high quality poster prints in various sizes. Oh, and if you have something specific in mind they do custom made prints as well.

See the full Haus of Prose range here, and be quick as they have a half price sale running at the moment. Enter the code 12HALFPRICE at check out.

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