Thursday, 16 April 2015

Tiles of Ezra

Over the last few years I’ve connected with some very creative ladies who I really admire for their entrepreneurial nature. Georgia Ezra is one of them, building a successful interior architectural practice and working on some amazing projects.

Georgia’s most recent venture came from her own need to find unique, ethnic tiles for her projects. Unable to find an authentic, high quality product with the right aesthetic, Georgia has collaborated with her artistic sister to create her own range of beautiful tiles. And so Tiles of Ezra was born.

I have been busting to use these on a project ever since the range was launched. I just love the colour and texture of these tiles. I finally have the opportunity with a kitchen design I’m working on and, although I was tempted to keep them a secret for just my design projects, they are too good not to share.

If you are after a tile that has a handmade quality, with colour and texture, then make sure you check out Tiles of Ezra. Click here for more.


  1. Love them! just divine! a modern take on tradition.

    1. I agree Terri, I love them too. Thanks for the comment! Annie x

  2. Lovely old world mosaic designs .... I dabble in mosaics on a small scale and really like these!
    Mary Lou

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  4. Hopefully the company delivers but history has a way of repeating itself.
    Anything to do with Ezra is fought with danger.

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