Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Styling our house for a 40th birthday dinner party

I’ve been meaning to share these pictures for ages. In February my husband turned 40. He is normally one for a big party, but this time decided to invite a couple of his mates to dinner. Of course a couple of mates and their wives meant we had 15 people coming for dinner, more than our dining table can handle.

With my talented brother-in-law cooking for us, I enlisted the help of the very lovely Lisa Koehler, who I met through ISCD. We cleared out our living rooms, and I hired a couple of trestle tables. With Lisa’s assistance on the flowers and styling, and about 150 candles dotted around the place, we created the mood for one big dinner party.


It was such a fantastic night, with the music pumping well into the evening. I think I crawled into bed at 3am after the last guests had left…. Yes, 3am!!! I think we were re-living our youth. Always the sign of a great night.

I highly recommend hosting a party like this at home. It is a lot of work, don’t get me wrong. A lot went into the planning, set up and then the dreaded pack down. But it was so worth it. I’ve got a few years to recover before doing it all again for my 40th…..


  1. What a fantastic idea! And love those green walls, too!

    1. Thanks Beatriz, appreciate the comment! So glad you like the green. Annie