Friday, 20 March 2015

Kitchen Renovation Before + After

We have been in our house nearly 4 years this Easter. For two years of that time we lived here without doing a thing. Having renovated our previous house we didn’t think it would be that hard, but this time around we were older and our brood had increased from one to three kids.

The worst part was undoubtedly the kitchen. It wasn’t just bad, it was hideous. The kitchen was indicative of the state of the entire house - old, dark, unloved, and falling apart. Despite this, there was something we saw in this place to make us want to live here. She's a grand old dame with lots of potential.

I have to start today’s post with an ‘after’ shot. We now love this space so much, and it is a joy to cook in.

But before, oh dear…. It was as depressing as it looks.

The new kitchen is exactly as we imagined. After a few structural changes to bring in some natural light, the choice of colours became important. We wanted a somewhat industrial space, somewhere we can cook a feast and have lots of friends to dinner. Which is exactly what we do.

The polished concrete island bench was custom made by a guy I could only describe as a craftsman. His passion for the beauty of concrete was infectious. I am also so happy with the stainless steel, and the scratches that appear form part of it’s beauty.

As for the pendant lights and bar stools, well what can I say…. I never get tired of admiring them. One of the best parts of designing this space has been the involvement of small, boutique Australian design businesses producing high quality products. It took us two years to plan and save for the space, but it certainly seems worth it now.

My friend Christine helped me choose the colours and fittings for this kitchen renovation. We had so much fun, we are now working together full time. Details on our design business can be found here.

All 'after' photographs taken by Cameron Bloom.


  1. Wow what an amazing transformation! The polished concrete benchtop is my favourite feature of the kitchen renovation

  2. Flow Colour and Design6 May 2015 at 15:28

    Great photography for the finished kitchen, and love the pendant lights.

  3. They are all beautiful and enchanting.Being an elder who has survived more kitchen remodels than I care to remember,I discover all the open shelving an issue as the items there will get horribly messy.In the event that you have kids, and so on around while cooking you are not prone to utilize the exhaust fan at full power as the commotion is overwhelming - even with a better than average fan.What's more,I noticed that almost the greater part of the "new" kitchens appeared far less disarray on the counters - that alone improves the kitchen look.

    @Lillie Jensen.

  4. Beautiful transformation. Inspiring style and design. Thanks for sharing.