Monday, 30 March 2015

Entrance way design board | Sans Souci House

I recently had to come up with a concept board for a lady who has a style very different to my own. It has been a really interesting exercise, and I really loved the process as well as the result.

After putting together an initial colour concept (which you can see here) I’ve also now developed a design board for the entry way to her house.

The client is after a practical space with a bit of glamour thrown in. There needs to be somewhere for shoes, bags, keys, etc. It was important to incorporate pieces from her Greek Heritage, and give a nod to her religious beliefs.

Over all I really love this design scheme, even though it isn’t my natural style. Luckily the client loved it too!

PS. I am working on various design projects this year with Colour Interior Exterior. See more of our colour consulting and renovation projects here.

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