Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentines Day gift ideas from Etsy

Valentines Day comes and goes without much fan fare in our house. Every day is special and all that…. (Ha! With three kids that’s not entirely true…)

Regardless, I do love the idea of Valentines Day. Which of course meant I started looking through my favourite source for unique gift ideas - Etsy. Here is my current list of things I would like for Valentines Day. 

If you need gift ideas, or more importantly need to give someone else some inspiration, click here for more.

Tell me, do you celebrate Valentines Day?


  1. Outstanding smart thoughts.I love the Love necklace arrangement.That necklace is a universal symbol of love and responsibility.This is best for your valentine.Thank you for sharing those charming thoughts.@Angelina Oneal.

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