Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Affordable Artwork | Eloise Renouf

I love affordable, original artwork and art prints. I’m not talking the copycat generic prints that are out there in abundance, but designers with original ideas, and who transform those ideas into accessible art. UK print designer Eloise Renouf is one of those artists who hits the mark.

Eloise began her design career as a fashion print designer, working for studios in both London and New York. She now designs and sells her own range of limited edition prints based around her love of natural forms, drawn images and mid-century design.

I love that her art prints are often interpretations of a photograph she has taken, a hand sketch or gouache painting. They are vibrant and beautiful, and all priced under $65.

You can shop her beautiful range on Etsy. Click here.

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  1. abstract art is the most beautiful art .i wish i would have seen these pics before so that i could atleast get an idea in my 2nd year art class.patterns are amazing.