Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Handmade Rugs by Nodi

There is something about the NZ design industry that always blows me away. I’m not sure why but our cousins across the ditch have an honesty and integrity to their designs, resulting in a focus on the materials and craftsmanship used to create their products.

I just stumbled across New Zealand rug business Nodi, the brain child of Olivia Smith. How have I not seen these before?!

After spending time in Italy, and studying at the Institute of European Design, Olivia worked with various Milan based textile houses. It was while working in Italy that she was introduced to the beauty and texture of Indian textiles.

Olivia spent months in various regions of India, researching and trialling hand weaving and tufting techniques to perfect the texture of her rug collection. In June 2013 she launched her rug brand NODI, and now designs from her home in Mt Manganui, New Zealand. ​

Each rug is hand made in India using fair trade practices.

Visit the Nodi website for more on Olivia’s journey.


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