Thursday, 22 May 2014

Finding the best cushion designs on Etsy

I am obsessed with throw cushions at the moment, and paralysed with indecision. I am trying to finish off the decorating of both our living room and main bedroom, those final accessory choices will hopefully make it all come together.

I’ve been searching through Etsy, and of course there are lots and lots of options…. Some of them not to so nice, but some of them lovely. I thought I would share my current picks for the best cushion designs on Etsy.

Cushions curated by Gallop Lifestyle on Etsy

Click the images above to shop these Etsy stores.

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  1. In the Etsy store I've always found trendy and modern cushions designs... These are some extremely good designs as well. I'm renovating my home and looking forward to purchase some of these cushions to decorate my bed and sofas. Thanks.

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