Friday, 2 May 2014

Design enthusiasts on a tour to Scandinavia

Any one who follows me on Pinterest would know I am a HUGE fan of Scandinavian design. There is something about the simplicity of the Nordic design aesthetic that I really love.  

I was really excited to be contacted recently by the owner of a small travel company who is planning a design tour to Sweden and Denmark later this year. If I had a leave pass from three small children this would be so up my alley!

Image: Blue Interior of the Onkel Sofa from Norman Copenhagen

The Heartful Travellers is taking a small group of design loving Australians to Stockholm and Coppenhagen from 22 - 30 Septemeber 2014. They will explore the home of modern design, visiting a variety of design studios, boutiques and showrooms to view (and buy) Scandinavian design products. The tour will also cover art and design museums, an evening at the Royal Copenhagen Ballet, and exploration of colourful flea markets, retro shops and antique dealers.

Image: Homeware Still Life from Illums Bolighus.

Image: Nordic Light Hotel, where the tour stays in Stockholm.

Image: Hanging Objects (in pinks) from Illums Bolighus. Clock design is by designer Rasmus Gottliebsen.

Image: Admiral Hotel, where the tour stays in Copenhagen.

Of course, the accommodation in both cities will be at super stylish 'design hotels'. What a way to immerse yourself in the cultural of Northern Europe!

Click here to view the full itinerary, and visit The Heartful Travellers website for more information.


  1. That tour sounds amazing. If only!

    1. I know, how cool would it be! One day maybe.... :)