Saturday, 8 March 2014

Vintage Posters for Kids Bedrooms

In my trawl through Pinterest this week I came across a couple of images of kids bedrooms featuring vintage posters as wall art. I love these shots, which started my search on where to find artwork to achieve a similar look.

Image: Pinterest

There is a website called that has a whole section dedicated to vintage canvas prints and posters. They have a huge selection, and prices start from around $20 so they are super affordable. 

There are plenty of options for both boys and girls bedrooms, and also designs that would work in grown up spaces too.

To view the whole range online click here.


  1. These are amazing artworks. I'm delighted to find a great resource where lot of vintage posters collection have collected. Looking forward to choose the best posters for my kids bedroom. Thanks.

    1. you are right keisha. This all are amazing images. vintage posters are truly inspiring.