Saturday, 17 August 2013

The winner of our Erin Petson giveaway announced

The winner of our Erin Petson giveaway is Robyn, who won with the following entry:

It's so hard to choose - they're all gorgeous! But my favorite is the Pegasus Dove Gray. It would be perfect for my horse-loving daughter's room, which we're redecorating for her 10th birthday in a few months. She is also a budding artist and it would be so inspirational for her to have beautiful art from a such a wonderful artist hanging in her her room instead of a bunch of posters of One Direction! :)

Congratulations Robyn! We hope your new Erin Petson print looks beautiful in your daughter's bedroom, and gives her some inspiration. We agree, a much better choice than a One Direction poster!

Annie x

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