Thursday, 22 August 2013

Buy affordable art online with London's renowned Saatchi Gallery

One of my favourite things about connecting with businesses online is that products previously out of my reach are now available at a click of my mouse. I've always wanted to visit London's renowned Saatchi Gallery, and only recently realised they are bringing great art world wide via Saatchi Online.

'Tree in Winter original oil painting ©Thomas Lamb

'Black Matter' original painting ©Rolf Jansson

'Arch Support' print ©Claire Desjardins

'Beach' original oil painting ©Tran Tuan

I've spent this week getting lost in their online store. Of course, my wish list heads in the direction of beautiful original artwork. Luckily for my budget, they sell prints as well.

The site allows you to shop by medium, style, subject, price, and size. In a nutshell, Saatchi Online offers a diverse range of mediums and price ranges, making it easy for anyone to purchase art.

So if, like me, you are after some artwork to complete a room think about buying an online painting

Annie x

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