Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Beautiful vintage and industrial wares from epoch co.

Ever looked a vignette in a magazine and wondered where to find items to replicate that effortlessly styled look at home? If so, head over to online purveyor of fine vintage and industrial wares, epoch co

An environmental scientist by day, epoch co. founder Marnie Hawson developed a passion for vintage and industrial items while organising her wedding. Marnie and her fiance wanted a wedding that was not generic or impersonal, but a day that reflected their personalities. The styling of her big day centred around sustainable, handmade and vintage items.

Once married, Marnie decided to turn her newfound passion into a business. Marnie searches all around regional Victoria for her store. Beautiful decor items come from old barns, clearing sales and auctions, garage sales, even grandpa’s old shed. 

Each item in the store needs to meet a few criteria… Marnie must love it herself. It must have 'character', and it must be well made. 

epoch co. sells anything from typewriters, suitcases, and wooden crates, to more unique industrial items such as old factory equipment, farm implements, industrial lighting, signage, lab equipment and more… 

Check out her online store here.

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