Monday, 22 July 2013

Sugar & Spice - top buys for a pretty girls bedroom

Guest post from Belinda Kurtz, owner of interior design and styling business 'Petite Vintage Interiors'. Belinda's posts aim to give us an insight into how to put together a beautiful, coordinated space for our little ones.

Today's inspiration image comes from the talented interior design team at Empire Lane. Here are Belinda's top recommended buys to create this pretty, whimsical room for little girls.

1. Kids 'Gold Polka Dots' wall decals from Empire Lane$69.95 for a pack of 80.
2. 'Isn't She Lovely' Cushion, $39.95 on Empire Lane.
3. 'Big Fun' Cushion, $39.95 from Empire Lane
4. Replica Thonet Bentwood Chair, available in white but easily re-painted in pink. $159 from Stool and Chairs
5. Heico Rabbit Lamp, $149.95 from Bockers & Pony
6. Ecowool sheepskin rugs, currently on sale at Ecowool and priced from $101.40. 
7. Pink 'Polly' bed from Incy Interiors. $549.00 for a single bed size. 
8. 'Hugo 2' striped merino wool blanket from Uimi

Happy shopping!

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