Monday, 29 July 2013

Style your newlywed home | The Wedding Nest

When I got married (more than 8 years ago now…!) we were one of the first of our friends to use an online gift registry. Now days its not unsual to be able to order a wedding gift online, and frankly as a guest I much prefer it than having to go to a department store and manually pick something from the register.

Now there is something more for couples looking to set up their new home together. I was recently contacted by the girls from The Wedding Nest, who offer a gift registry and home styling service in one. Love it!

Zoe Dent and her friend Jacqui founded their store after their own weddings. They had been frustrated by not being able to find a registry that had pieces from the pages of their favourite magazines, blogs and designer stores. And so their concept evolved.

In a nutshell, The Wedding Nest is a gift registry to style your home. They offer beautiful homewares, striking artworks, and statement furniture pieces collated by interior design style. The girls believe your wedding is an opportunity to style your whole nest, so gift ranges are collated within 'contemporary', 'beach', 'eclectic' and 'French' styles to help couples create a cohesive look. 

Images: The Wedding Nest.

Each online registry is presented like a magazine, with images of beautifully styled rooms integrated with selected wedding gifts. Guests won’t just feel like they are giving a gift but that they are helping the newlyweds create their dream home.  

The Wedding Nest is a huge fan of boutique Australian design. They stock small and up and coming designers such as Bonnie & Neil and Eucalypt Homewares, as well as larger brands like Papaya and Orson and Blake. Couples can also choose from unique items including tribal Juju Headresses, ornamental shell necklaces, and one off vintage bedside tables. They even have the option to add the service of a professional stylist to the register, enabling couples to put everything together once they receive their gifts.

Check out an example of one of their online registries here. Beautiful!

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  1. What a wonderful gift. They will love it. Just imagine all those romantic picnics then family picnics. Thanks for sharing.