Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Go Wild | Animal Inspired Prints & Decor Ideas

Its 'junior week' on Gallop Lifestyle, we are featuring our favourite new homeware finds for babies & kids.

My kids are fascinated with animals, especially wild ones. Including wild life as part of the decor in a kid's bedroom not only encourages that interest, but can look pretty great too. Today we have a little animal love with these stylish creatures.

'Water Hole No 2' Archival Print, $22 from United Thread on etsy.

Giraffe linen pillow cover from Sweety Fairy Studio, $16 on etsy.

Limited edition 'Alphabet Animals' illustration by Christina Song, $30.

Deer junior bed linen set by Nord, €119 on La Maison d'Anna G.

'New Friends 2' cushion cover by Eric Fan & Garima Dhawan, $20 on society6.

Owl 'do it yourself' paper lampshade, $50 from mostlikelyShop on etsy.

'The Wild Bunch' Paper Animals, $14.95 on Hunting for George.

Just a few options that will hit the mark with any small person loving wild creatures, and their design loving parents!

Annie x


  1. So much great inspiration here... Absolutely adore that Girrafe Cushion... WOW! Maybe that would be a great inspirational piece to design a nursery around... Gorgeous! I love the whole animal idea but worry about over doing it....

  2. This is absolutely awesome.This is very inspirational piece of design for me.i like all the animal but how could do it i dont know....