Sunday, 19 May 2013

Custom Design with My Bespoke Chair

Over the last few years social media has allowed me to discover and 'meet' some wonderfully creative people. One of my regular online conversations is with the lovely Emma from My Bespoke Chair

Originally a fashion and textile designer from Europe, Emma moved to Australia with her family in 2010 and quickly set up her own business.

An offshoot of Bespoke Art, My Bespoke Chair allows customers to completely customise a piece of furniture to suit their decor. They can choose and click on a chair style, scroll through a large collection of fabrics, and select any combination of fabrics, finishes and trimmings using their mouse. The 360 degree spin option on the website allows customers to view their chair from 8 angles.

Price wise they sit between mass produced upholstered chairs and the more up market interior stores like Coco Republic. Basically their objective is to offer a premium, handmade product at a reasonable price.

Many of the fabrics they offer are original designs by My Bespoke Chair, but they also have access to the big fabric brands like Warwick and Unique.

Gift vouchers are available, something a little different for a wedding or baby shower present perhaps? 

For more information check out their website here.


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