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Guest post from Holly Cardew, founder of online market place Country & Co. Holly will post each month about her passion for creative businesses and people.

I have a real passion for helping businesses in regional Australia sell online, and grow their presence through social media. One business that I have seen grow from strength to strength is Jumbled in Orange, NSW.  Jumbled is full of all bright and colourful homewares. I want to introduce you (virtually) to Pip Brett, the owner and vision behind the brand. 

GL: When did you come up with the concept of the Jumbled store and when did you open?

Pip: I was pregnant and, as you do you sometimes, I made a radical decision. I was walking to the post office when I saw a shop front for lease, right in the perfect location. I already had a clothing store called Iglou, which I opened back in 2006, but had always dreamt of opening a homewares store. I felt the stars had aligned and so I jumped on the idea and I have never looked back. I took up the lease not yet knowing what I was going to sell but knew it would be a collection of all of the things that I love.

And so Jumbled was born - an eclectic mix of all things gorgeous and wonderful for the home. 

I opened the doors of Jumbled in September 2011 and launched the Jumbled online store in December 2012.

GL: I love what you have done and admire all the bold bright colours. Where does all the inspiration come from?

Pip: I have truly just picked only items that I would love to have in my own home. I just can't help it, I love colour, and I am drawn to it every time. It excites me and makes me happy. I do think that what you love is in your DNA somehow. My mother is a "lover of colour" and calls herself  "a failed minimalist". Her love for fashion, colour and design has totally rubbed off on me. 

I also find travel to be a huge source of inspiration. I have a trip planned to Paris in a few weeks and I can't wait to come back full of fresh and exciting ideas.

Blogs, Pinterest and magazines are my never-ending source of ideas. I am always amazed by how clever some people are. I could look for hours and hours. 

GL: What is your favourite home interior trend at the moment?

Pip: I love that there is a trend towards interiors with personality. You look at an image of a home on a blog or in a magazine and you can feel the personality of the owner with out having to even read the text. It is about layering, mixing not matching things that have meaning to you. I believe that a less staged look in your home is the way forward.

GL: Is there a must thing you should have in your home? 

Pip: I am in the process on renovating my home, a small miners cottage in the CBD of Orange, so I have been writing my own must have list.

Green beaded chandelier - It was love at first site but I am still working out where to put it. Maybe in the kitchen, living room or bathroom?

  • Rugs galore -  They anchor a room, add texture and comfort, plus they can be a design statement. Dash and Albert have the best range!

  • Kip and Co bedding for some fun!

  • I have my eye on the orange couch in store, in combination with the new vintage kantha pouffes.

  • Art - I just recently got a huge Spacecraft artwork but would love a zebra print from the clever girls at Penny Farthing Design House and another abstract by my Mum, Kezz Brett, which I can use as a bedhead.

  • …And, if I get my way, a bath tub outside with one of Jumbled's birdcage chandeliers hanging above... Heaven!
GL: What are your top 3 decorating tips?

Pip: Surround yourself with the things that you love and that have meaning to you.... And hey presto, you will achieve an interesting interior that will tell your story and that will welcome you every time you open your front door. 

I don't think that you can ever overdo texture, colour or pattern. I know many people would disagree with me. Be brave and give it a go. 

Treat each room as it's one special place with it's own story and emotion. Each room does not have to match the other! 

If decorating seems like an overwhelming task pick one item that you really love like a beautiful rug, large abstract paining or something as simple as a single cushion and you will be amazed by the way that everything else falls into place once you have something tangible to work with. 

GL: I can see Jumbled is growing every day. What are the plans for the near future?

Pip: I get so excited by the way that people have embraced Jumbled. I would like to continue the hunt for new and wonderful products that are not seen anywhere else. Promote and support small and up-and coming artists and designers, and build up our brand awareness so that Jumbled becomes the go-to-store for people who love happy interiors and something a bit different. 

We have also launched our Jumbled Wedding Registry which allows couples to pick and choose something that is different, not just silverware and dinner sets! 

We hope to make the online experience as special as that experienced in store... if not better! 

See more at the Jumbled Online Store.

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