Wednesday, 17 April 2013

This week I'm loving.... Photospots

A lot of great products hit my inbox each week, I'm struggling to keep up. One concept that has caught my eye are these 'Photospots' available on hardtofind.

Basically a circular decal, Photospots are removable, reusable, and very affordable. Perfect for renters or those wanting to create an impact with a limited budget.

Shopper Snapshot:
  • Photospots are designed and made in Australia. 
  • Four sizes available in each design.
  • 40 cm diameter - $50.00
  • 80 cm diameter - $95.00
  • 105 cm diameter - $120.00
  • 130 cm diameter - $190.00 (split in two halves)
  • Buy online at
Annie x

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