Thursday, 21 March 2013

Reclaimed & Handmade | 2nd Chance Tables

I know I'm not alone in feeling that a lot of what we buy these days has a limited life span. Mass produced items dominate our lives, and I think once kids arrive you notice it even more. (Our house is not without its fair share of plastic junk and short term solutions to every day requirements). With this in mind, I am always thrilled to come across designers and craftsmen who offer the exact opposite of mass production. 

2nd Chance Tables is a new Melbourne based business created by carpenter Chris Booth, whose objective is to find discarded, dishevelled and rejected pieces of timber to bring back to life. 

Images: 2nd Chance Tables

Using reclaimed and recycled timber, 2nd Chance Tables create aesthetically beautiful tables and other furniture pieces that reflect their passion and care for the environment. The results are beautiful, as well as highly functional. Their attention to detail is incredible, one of their tables is on my wish list for sure!

Make sure you visit their new website to see their work so far. An online store is on its way, but quotes and orders can be requested via the contact form on the site for the time being. You can also follow their journey on Facebook.

Click here to see more.

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