Monday, 18 March 2013

NZ Design | Feel it on Felt...

Guest post by Hazel from Hazel Loves Design, who will cover the best of boutique and indie design from the ever growing creative community in New Zealand.

We all love feeling part of a collective. New Zealand based online marketplace 'Felt' delivers just that. With all sorts of designers from painters and wood turners through to jewellery makers, stay at home mums to seasoned professionals, all converge on one site to create one giant collective of New Zealand based artisans.

The brain child of Lucy Arnold, Felt rivals the likes of Etsy here in New Zealand. Lucy's principles are in line with my own - not only does she understand the importance and value of indie design for our communities, she also puts her life and soul into supporting the industry to grow and develop.

And here in New Zealand the industry definitely is developing. In a time of globalisation, people feel comforted by the feeling of 'home' and 'local'. What I love about 'Felt' is that you can easily spend an afternoon leisurely strolling through the website, drowning in desire for the local work of our artisans! 

The site itself only takes a small fee for a listing (much the same as ebay) so the rest lands in the pockets of the designer! You have to love that! 

Slot Together Stool - Mike Hindmarsh on Felt, $250 (NZD).

Retro Lampshade - Light of Mine on Felt, $85 (NZD)

Children's Wooden Mod Chair - Hebe on Felt, $135 (NZD)

Slot Together Tui Hanging Decoration - Native Cre8ve on Felt, $35 (NZD).

When pulling together Hazed magazine we often peruse the Felt website. And I know it is also a favourite of gallery owners looking for the 'next big thing'. You should definitely saunter over for a peek! Click here for more.

Hazel x


  1. Those children's chairs are absolutely beautiful. I would love 'big' ones too.

    1. Aren't they clever Victoria! I'd can imagine 'Jellybean' playing with his crayons on those chairs! x

  2. Yay! Great post Hazel! <3

  3. Well done Hazel! Felt is pretty awesome

    1. Thanks Katrina! Looking forward to meeting Lucy at the 'Bloggers Connecting' dinner!! x