Monday, 4 March 2013

Click to Shop | Easy Shipping from US Websites

How often do you see something on a US website that you would have snapped up if it wasn't for huge shipping fees or a lack of international shipping altogether?

We've recently begun the long process of renovating our old terrace house. One of the first rooms to be done is the main bedroom, and I have a very clear idea about the look I want to achieve. Dark charcoal walls, white wood work, white linen and a white light fitting. 

Colour pallet inspiration. Image from - click here for more.

George Nelson Bubble Lamp® Saucer Pendant on

Of course to buy the original light fitting I wanted here in Australia it is nearly $600. And there is my challenge - I don't have the budget. I did find it for much less on US based websites, but I couldn't find any that would agree to ship it here. 

So I ordered a replica. And I am under whelmed. I know there is a strong argument for buying replica design items, I get it. But for me personally I've never been a fan. This one isn't even a convincing fake, which bugs me even more.

What I now know, however, is that I could have gotten my hands on the original (at a price I can afford) if I had known about Shipporter

Shipporter is relatively new Australian business that offers an assisted buying function allowing Australian online shoppers to buy (almost) anything from any US website, even if the website doesn’t offer international shipping. 

How it works:
  • Complete the online order form and Shipporter will process your order with the retailer, via an assisted buying partner.
  • The fees & charges for the assisted buying service will be displayed before you commit to the order.
  • You pay their assisting buyer partner for the item and domestic shipping in the US (if applicable).
  • Shipporter will invoice you directly for the Shipporter international shipping charges.
  • Your purchase will be shipped from the retailer to a Shipporter warehouse, and then on to you in Australia. They use sea transport to keep the shipping costs as low as possible.

For more information, visit the Shipporter website. Oh, and if you sign up to their newsletter you automatically receive a 20% discount (up to $200) off the international shipping charge on your order. I'll be using their service next time for sure!

Annie x

PS. Once our bedroom is finished I'll be sure to post some pics. You can see more on my design plans via my Pinterest board.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is the answer to my prayers! Thank you so much for sharing. Emma ( :)

    1. So glad! A few people have commented on facebook also, it seems we've all been looking for a solution like this. I wish I had know about them earlier :) Thanks for commenting.