Monday, 18 February 2013

Kiwi Craft | Appreciating the beautiful things...

Guest post by Hazel from Hazel Loves Design, who will cover the best of boutique and indie design from the ever growing creative community in New Zealand.

When you shop, do you shop for things that you need? Or things that you want? Do you choose things based on their beauty? Or based on their practicality?

They say that purchases for your home should be driven by the heart, as is the importance of having your home filled with pieces you cherish and things that you love.

Which is why I love Badgers Hollow, the pieces are stunning for the purpose of being stunning.

The collections are made by Carragh, a Fine Arts student at Auckland University and the subject matter of each collection is much more complex than the pretty pieces that initially draw you in.

We featured the Rustic Animal Mask in the Summer edition of 'Hazed' and it was an instant hint! After all, who doesn't want a creative and different piece of artisan talent to hang from their walls. Priced at $40.

The Geometric Love Kitties are from Badger Hollow's 'Relics' series - inspired by the ethnic tribal patterns of aztec, native american and ancient civilizations. $16 each.

Embroidered Felt Wolf, hand stitched from an original drawing. $35 unframed.

For me all of Badgers Hollow's pieces are rustic, honest and aesthetically pleasing! And for that reason alone have found a way into both my home and my heart.

Hazel x

All images from Badgers Hollow, visit their etsy shop here.

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  1. They said, only artists can appreciate art. But I'm grateful even though I am not, I can still admire your work.