Thursday, 24 May 2012

Gift Ideas | New Baby Top 5

It seems there is another round of babies happening in my group of friends. I am suddenly on the look out for beautiful gifts, and have been thinking back to what I received when my two were born.

Here are my top five gifts for a newborn (and their parents!).

1. Baby blankets. I was given a beautiful blanket for each of my babies, and it is the one thing that has stuck out in my mind as completely useful and very gorgeous. As parents we might buy the practical, plain white numbers, but rarely do we invest in a colourful or hand made blanket ourselves.

Source: Gallop Lifestyle - hand crocheted & organic cotton baby blankets

2. Nursery Art. Buying something to help decorate the nursery can be a really special gift. I would recommend checking on the colour theme first though! 
On the weekend I gave this art print to a friend who is decorating a "non pink" nursery for her little girl. It can slot straight into a standard Ikea frame. Otherwise, canvas prints come ready to hang.

'Black Moby' Canvas art, available in 4 sizes. Priced from $49

3. Storage baskets. A new mum will tell you, it is amazing how much 'stuff' a baby can add to your home. Stylish storage baskets make a great, practical gift.

Storage baskets available on Gallop Lifestyle.

4. Bath Towels. Just like with baby blankets, parents rarely purchase anything other than plain white towels for their new addition. Something a little more beautiful will be very much appreciated, and used often!

Batik Print towels with white tassel trim, $89 with free shipping

5. Handmade Toys. Finally, who doesn't love a gorgeous hand made toy. The perfect addition to any nursery, loved by parents and kiddos alike.

 Handmade soft toys available on Gallop Lifestyle.

We have a huge range of new baby gift ideas on the site. Click here for inspiration.

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