Sunday, 29 April 2012

Design Theme | London Calling

All this talk of the upcoming Olympics has me thinking about London. Like many Australians, I spent a couple of years there in my 20s. Fun, fun days, living on very little money but having a bloody good time! 

I'm loving these quirky images of iconic symbols of London town....

London Trafalgar Square shower curtain - Gallop Lifestyle

'River Thames' Illustration by Charlotte Trounce

I also just finished a book written by ex-lawyer Ralph Grayden, who has left the world of corporate law to pursue a more creative career. I love that he has written a tale about young Aussies living in London. A hilarious read, made me laugh out loud. 

Ralph assures me it isn't auto-biography, with the only link to him being the lead character having made the same career choice (he swears his wife didn't become a Page 3 model during their time in London....). You can buy it online here.

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