Monday, 12 December 2011

Toddler Ts

I love seeing a creative new business launch. A friend of mine has just started an online store selling very cute t-shirts for the under 4 set - Toddler Ts.

I know how hard (and scary) it can be starting a business while also being a full time mum. We started Gallop Lifestyle a few weeks before my second baby was born, and the owner of this business is doing the same. Crazy, yes. But there is nothing like a bit of pressure to make you pack more into your day!

I just bought this one for my 'boy blue', perfect for his santa sack. 

Each one is printed with a super cute, hand drawn illustration. And they are only $29, which I thought was good value for something that is good quality and not mass produced.

Make sure you check them out.

Annie x 

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