Friday, 15 July 2011


Ok, so I've been planning to blog for days and days... Janet and I are crazy busy, with some changes happening with the site. More on that soon...

What is news is that I actually had a child free, work free weekend last weekend with my hubby. Just the two of us, in Melbourne. We didn't have to be anywhere or do anything. So we ate. And drank. And ate again. We even went to a cheesy nightclub for about half any hour, had a dance, and felt incredibly old. But goodness we had fun.

The Melbourne food scene is oh so cool, lots of inspiration for my plans for a kitchen renovation.  
Dinner @ Cutler & Co

A very long lunch at the fabulous MoVida

The best breakfast ever at Cumulus Inc. (Check out the cool steel framed windows behind the bar!)

And we stayed here.
Hotel Lindrum

Annie x

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