Monday, 27 June 2011

The mumpreneur myth

There was a great article in the Daily Telegraph over the weekend on being a mum and trying to run a business. I think it spoke to a lot of us!

Janet & I sometimes feel completely out of control, and perhaps not doing so well at juggling all our roles. 

Luckily we really love what we are trying to do with Gallop. And, despite being crazy women at times, it does allow us to be home with our babies when we need to be. We do the pre-school pick up, the ballet class run, and the dinner time chaos. And every now and then we get to the gym for an hour of sanity time to ourselves.

So maybe every now and then we need to take a breath, leave the emails for a day, and remember we started down this path in the hope that we will be able to fit work in around our kids (and not the other way round...).

Annie xx

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