Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hooked in House & Garden

Our Hooked Design crocheted lace rugs have had a great response from the Australian magazines, so we were thrilled to seem them pop up again in the new House & Garden magazine.

Australian House & Garden Magazine, July 2011 pg. 39

As I mentioned earlier in the week, it is so nice to see the rug featured in a "grown ups" room. 

It seems the white version is the one everyone likes to photograph. I actually really love it in black as well, I just need to find a corner to add it to.... although I'm not sure my hubby would be so thrilled with me adding yet another item from the Gallop stock room to our house :)

PS. Our current stock of rugs are on sale this week only! Click here to take a look.

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  1. Nice house designs. I will plan my house structure like this. its really awesome. Thanks for the wonderful post.