Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Octopus Art

Scanning my daily intake of design blogs, and I found some fabulous rooms featured on one of my fave's - Live Breath Decor.

Source: Live Breath Decor / The Cross Design & Decor

This shot from today's post has a very cool octopus on the wall. I love the graphic nature of this. It got me thinking about one of our customer's who ordered some tea towels at Christmas time. The receiver of her gift actually framed the tea towels to use as wall art, rather than to wipe dishes with. 

A great idea, very inexpensive to achieve a similar result.

Thomas Paul Cotton Tea Towel - 'Octopus'. Only $25 (plus framing if you decide to hang on the wall!)

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  1. Hi just dropped by for a browse. Love the octopus :) Found you on Mama Blogs on FB.