Thursday, 28 April 2011

Gallop in the Sunday Age

We were asked a few weeks ago to submit some product to the Sunday Age Magazine (in Melbourne) for an article on designer homewares available online. I wasn't sure when this would be printed, it turns out it was during the long weekend over Easter. 

What a great article! We love the styling, a fab way to show the diverse range of high quality, beautiful products available for purchase at a click of a mouse. (Oh, and they were kind enough to quote me as well!).

The products from Gallop Lifestyle featured included....
'Sweet Pea' cushion
'Red Poppy' cushion

They also featured a wooden olive spoon, which will be new to Gallop Lifestyle next week. (The price in the article for this was listed as $12, which was a bit of a misprint. The olive spoons will sell for $17).

It's always a thrill to see our products in print! 



  1. Well done! Great to get publicity like this. Your cushions are quite wonderful.