Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Affordable Artwork | Eloise Renouf

I love affordable, original artwork and art prints. I’m not talking the copycat generic prints that are out there in abundance, but designers with original ideas, and who transform those ideas into accessible art. UK print designer Eloise Renouf is one of those artists who hits the mark.

Eloise began her design career as a fashion print designer, working for studios in both London and New York. She now designs and sells her own range of limited edition prints based around her love of natural forms, drawn images and mid-century design.

I love that her art prints are often interpretations of a photograph she has taken, a hand sketch or gouache painting. They are vibrant and beautiful, and all priced under $65.

You can shop her beautiful range on Etsy. Click here.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Northern Beaches kitchen design concepts

I’ve recently been working on a kitchen design project for a couple from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. They are after something quite contemporary, fresh but not too ‘beachy’.

The details for the project are far from finalised, but these are my two main concepts at this stage. 

The major difference between the two is the bench top material - one featuring carrera marble and the other a honed basalt, with little tweaks in colour and finishes to complement the dominating bench surface.

Personally I’m excited about the basalt option, its not a material I’ve seen used all that often. 

Which one do you prefer?

Inspiration images: Coco Cozy and the very talented Fiona Lynch (who I think is such an amazing designer)

PS. This year I am collaborating with Christine McCoy from Colour Interior Exterior, hopefully I can share other renovation and interior plans soon.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

My home, kids bedroom design | The room of little miss

Up until now I haven’t featured much of my home on the blog. We have been here nearly 4 years, and have been renovating most of that time. (Those that follow me on Instagram would have seen the progress).

I’m finally ready to start sharing some of the results. Not only because we finally have a partially complete project, but also as I am super excited to be teaming up this year with Christine McCoy, colourist and designer extraordinaire.

Christine and I will share more projects and a website soon, but today is the room of my baby girl.

Photos taken by Cameron Bloom

Australian furniture design at its best - Green Cathedral Bespoke Furniture

We visit Noosa every year, which is where I first spotted the beautiful Australian made furniture by Green Cathedral Bespoke Furniture. I’ve had my eye on their children’s furniture for ages, but then I spotted their bar stools in a fabulous kitchen by Mim Design (a designer who I think is just amazing) and they went up a level in my eyes….

Image: Styling by Mim Design / Kimberley Wiedermann and photography by Derek Swalwell.

I’ve been meaning to share their work for a while now, so here goes.

Green Cathedral’s aesthetic is spot on, with clean lines and the option of adding a little bit of personality to each piece. Handmade in their Noosa workshop, owners Tim and Sally use either Tasmanian oak or American oak for their timber furniture, with painted MDF where appropriate. Customers can order a stool, table, sofa or sideboard to their exact specifications, with size and colour options available.

Best of all, prices are not at all over the top. 

To see more of the beautiful handcrafted furniture designs from Green Cathedral click here.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Beautiful artwork by Belinda Marshall

This week I was on a search for a calendar for 2015. You see I’ve felt very out of control this year, not at all organised. I’ve become the mum who forgets the form for school, or the mufti day. I’m late for nearly everything, and with study, kids activities, birthday parties, work, etc, I need to get some order back into my life. I am naturally an organised person, really I am!

So, I decided an proper calendar in my kitchen will be the way to go. A new year, a new organised me. My search led me to the very talented Belinda Marshall. While I ordered one of her beautiful calendars on Etsy, I have my eye on her stunning artwork…..

Belinda is a Melbourne-based artist & surface designer. She works mainly with acrylic on wood and linen.

Belinda’s work is an exploration of emotional reactions to the beauty within her immediate environment. Her paintings depict her vision of a perfect world, communicated through layers of colour, and shapes or sections of pattern. 

The vibrant colours and soft, abstract patterns are just beautiful. You can order Belinda’s work here or here. Prices start from just $45 for a print.

Click here to see more.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Environmentally friendly design from Mutating Creatures

I love showcasing small Australian based design businesses on the blog. Today I’m very pleased to share Brisbane based design studio Mutating Creatures.

The studio was founded in 2012 by German designer Caroline Kaup and Dutch / Australian designer Michel Cornielje. Mutating Creatures specializes in lighting design, furniture solutions, eco friendly coffee holders, graphics and handcrafted jewellery. Every design is a collaboration between technology and traditional craftsmanship, with a constant dialogue between tradition, culture and machinery.


Caroline and Michel consider the environment when planing their designs, with the off cuts from their lights and furniture re-utilized and transformed into other products. Mutating Creatures use the highest quality Australian Hoop Pine, a sustainable resource that is 100% plantation grown.

For more information, and to see more of their unique designs, visit their website here.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Handmade gift ideas and the winner of our Etsy giveaway

I’ve had the very hard decision of choosing a winner for our $80 Etsy gift card give away. All the entries were worthy, but I’ve gone with the first person to enter, Ineke Walker. She pointed out that Christmas shopping on Etsy will mean “the gifts are handmade, with the money going directly back into the hands of the maker”. Well done Ineke!

Today’s post is also a bit of Christmas shopping inspiration for you. Here are some great handmade gift ideas from Australian and New Zealand Etsy sellers, a perfect start if you plan to shop local and shop handmade this year.
Christmas 2014 curated by Gallop Lifestyle on Etsy

Click here to see more.